G-SHOCK Style Series GA-400GB-1AER

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Color: Black
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Light LED Car
A slight rotation of the wrist is sufficient to radiate the display of the watch by light diodes.

The clock does a lot of things without damaging it. The shock-resistant housing provides protection against impact and shaking.

4 Timeozone display
The times of four different time zones can be easily displayed.

World time function
The World Time function indicates the times in up to 29 different time zones.

Stop function - 1/100 Sek. Twenty-four hundred.
For athletes and anyone who wants to know exactly: The time, the interval and the end time are measured with a accuracy of hundreds of seconds. The measuring capacity of the watch is up to 24-hour.

Timer - 1/1 Min. - 1 Std.
For those who want to know exactly: The countdown timer helps to remember special or recurring events by sending an acoustic signal at the set time. The time can be set in minutes and up to one hour in advance.

5 Day alarms
Daily recurring events are reminiscent of the day alarm, where an acoustic signal sounds at the set time. This model has five independent alarms, particularly practical for daily medication or regular appointments.

Key tones on/off
On request, the key tones can be switched off with the modem key. After switching off, there will be no beeper when switching from one function to the next. However, the set alarms or countdown timer are active after the key tones are switched off.

Scroll Function
With the scroll wheel, the times can be easily and intuitively adjusted, for example for alarm or countdown timer.

Hand Moving Function
At the press of a button, the pointers give the view of the digital displays, so that e.g. stop function or weekday can be read without restriction.

Automatic Calendar
Once set, the automatic calendar always displays the correct date.

The time indicator can be adjusted to 12-hour or 24-hour format. In 12-hour mode there is a "p" in the display for the second half of the day, i.e. twelve o'clock at noon until 23.59.

The hard, scratch-resistant mineral glass protects the watch from unpleasant damage.


Resin consists of synthetic resin and is the ideal material for bracelets due to its extreme durability and flexibility.

3-year - 1 battery
For about three years the battery supplies the clock with the necessary energy.

Water density classification (20 Bar)
Perfect for outdoor diving without equipment: the clock is waterproof to 20-bar / 200 meters. The meter does not refer to a depth of immersion, but to the air pressure used in the water density test. (ISO 22810)

Dimensions (H x B x T)
55,0mm x 51,9mm x 18,3mm

ca. 70,0 g

Subject to technical modifications and errors.
The image sizes do not match the original sizes. The colours may differ slightly from the original.

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